The end of an era.
Longing for you
First of all, hi LJ whom I've been shamefully ignoring all this time. I keep meaning to post (as I say with almost every entry) and out of my own laziness I keep putting it off.
With that aside, instead of posting about things I should be posting about, I wanted to mourn the loss of memories that might not be too proud in current times but have hoisted me up to where I am today. From a time where 56k was the most amazing thing in the world, reading "lemon" fanfictions were foreign and exciting, and the anime turnpike was THE place to go for anything anime. Remember "I caught a Bishounen"? How about flashing, blinking marquee text? Embedded midi and wavs? Stolen images and gifs with sparkling backgrounds? How about webrings or character shrines? I was a proud member of the TQML (Trowa-Quatre Mailing list) and to this day will never forget getting my first batch of 100+ e-mails overnight.

Yes, it's the end of a time that though many of us aren't proud of it we did it and we can't take it back. The glorious days where if you couldn't find it on altavista or you'd use Geocities. You could find almost anything on it back in those days. Did you ever try to make a site using their tools like I did? I made countless character shrines for my flavor of the month. They were never completed of course, but I put my love and effort into it. Though I cringe at the thought of how they looked with their paint edited images and terrible weeaboo (back then it was just simply called being an otaku) vocabulary they hold a special place in my history, because if I didn't have stepping stones like those I'd have never learned to change.

I'll be brief in the purpose of this entry. Geocities has been shut down.

It's true that nowadays sites like those are abandoned, and I'm not going to cry for the closure to be reversed. It was bound to happen after all with more effective and less dated search engines. That experience that all of us had with that once marvelous search engine is gone forever and it's best to keep that buried. When I heard the news yesterday I was overcome with memories, both fond and embarrassing. I'm sure there are a few of you out there who understand my sentiments, if so please share them in the comments so all of us can put on our nostalgia giggles together.

All that's left to say is this:

Apparently I assumed that everyone has magic mind-reading abilities as I never mentioned that Geocities is no longer with us. Derp.


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